Power Health's In-Home Wellness Pack

posted 20.07.2016 by Kate Burgess


De-Stress is a unique herbal and nutrient formulation that uplifts your spirits while also providing a calming effect.


Memory Formulas is a complete and effective nutritional product to enhance long and short term memory, improve attention span, increase brain blood flow, enhance learning ability and provide brain protection form free radical damage.


A natural sleep aid that combines herbs well-known for their ability to assist in relaxing the body and the mind for a restful sleep.

Super Antioxidant

Extensive research has documented the benefits of antioxidants in the maintenance of optimum health. However, only the broad array of antioxidants found within Power Health's Super Antioxidant Formula has demonstrated superior cardiovascular, neurologic, eye and immune support.

Extra Energy

Maximum energy throught your workout. More efficient, effective workouts with fat burning thermogenic factors to shape your body.

Joint Relief

The book "The Arthritis Cure" brought to the forefront the beneficial use of nutritional supplements for osteoarthritis. Both Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate have undergone scientific study ( see below ) in individuals with osteoarthritis. Power Health's Joint Relief not only contains appropriate amounts of these nutrients consistent with these studies, but additionally, this product supplies supplementary anti-inflammatory ingredients ( Boserllia extract, white willow bark, GLA, and Bromelain) to assist in controlling the pain and inflammation that may accompany arthritis of the joints. This highly effective formula should be considered for anyone interested in improving joint mobility and health.