Making your Toddler Safe and Happy

posted 22.02.2015 by Kate Burgess

Parenting is no easy task especially taking care of toddlers. At this stage, toddlers are just curious and want to try things out for themselves. It is where parents have to be most especially careful because anything toddlers see or touch, it enters into their mouth, nose, ears and other body openings. Parents have to be alert without making it look like you are too controlling for your children. All you need is just to set up some rules and toddler-proof your home.
How to toddler proof your house?

Inside your home

o Guard bookcases and TV stands since toddlers love to climb on any elevated thing they can see. Make these cabinets wont fall off.
o Medicines, cleaning powders and fluids and other hazardous materials out of reach.
o Make a safety gate below or on top of the stairs. Try to teach your child the proper way of going up and down the stairs. Let them walk down or up but with guidance.
o Keep chairs off the windows or balcony. If there is a chair or couch near it keep the windows lock and don't let your child go near it unsupervised.
o Never leave your child bathing alone in the bathroom for a moment especially if you have a bathtub. Drowning can happen any minute.
o Keep toaster and microwaves out of children's hands. Keep the cords from dangling on the counter top.
o Washing liquids and insect sprays should be well kept and out of children's reach.
o Keep knives and other sharp materials off your toddler's hands.

Safety tips outdoors

o Never leave your child away from your sight when outdoors. They can be fast and quick in running around the area especially outdoors where the space is big an they see many thing around. As much as possible, hold their hands when walking around an open space. Keep them away from getting too far when swimming in the pool or in the beach.

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