How Can We Care For our Health

posted 14.12.2015 by Kate Burgess

Health is not only synonymous with the absence of disease. Being healthy is a state of complete physical permantente both emotionally and psychologically we all must procure to improve our quality of life. Thus, knowing how we care for our health from all areas is essential to lead a better and happier life. Also, if you get used to taking care of our health, we have the ability to help improve our environment. Here are basic and fundamental tips so you can start to take care of your health.Try to make them part of your everyday life!

Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Not all are used to eating fruits and vegetables in their daily lives.That is a big mistake! These are the healthiest foods that provide lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body needs to be healthy, and also provide so few calories that helps us achieve a stable weight. Try to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Reduce Junk Food

And as we increase our consumption of fruits and vegetables, we have to reduce junk food in our diet. We talk about the fries, sausages, sugary foods, salted or processed and high in saturated fats and calories. These foods provide us with unhealthy fats to the body, which puts us at risk for cardiovascular disease, and calories, so they provide weight gain and obesity.

Remove the Vices

If you intend to lead a healthy life and to live longer, you must stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol and / or drugs. These substances are extremely harmful to health and cause all kinds of serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular problems. I recommend you read the benefits of quitting smoking for you to see the amazing positive changes that occur in the body to give up that bad habit.

Drinking Water

If you VivirSalud reader, know by heart the reasons why it is important water consumption, but it never hurts to repeat them. Water hydrates and cleanses our bodies inside and out, removes toxins, improves the functioning of the organs, the condition of the skin and hair and, last but not least, it helps you lose weight.

Getting Enough Sleep

Although it is one of our basic needs, not all people get enough time to sleep.Sleep is what allows the body to regenerate the energy it needs to live and stay active! To be healthy and undertake all the activities that we propose with energy and concentration, sleep experts recommend about 7 or 8 hours a day.


It is one of the essential habits for a healthy life from every point of view. Not only we can lose weight, keep fit and better figure: also strengthens the body's defenses, keeps us young and vital, combat stress and, last but not least, it makes us happy, because we release during exercise endorphins, which creates a state of comfort and pleasure. And no need to spend hours in the gym, playing sports, jogging or walking count as physical activity, of course. Just try to get moving at least 30 minutes a day and you'll notice right away the benefits of exercise in your daily life.

Promoting Emotional Health

Health is not just diet and exercise. Emotional health care and much to live better. Surround yourself and try to spend more time with loved ones, practice a hobby that you like and you are excited, take vacation at least once a year and spend a little each day to an activity you enjoy.