5 Mistakes your are Doing When you are Trying to Quit Smoking

posted 02.03.2016 by Kate Burgess

Addressing the first days without smoking can be hard. Yet, once you've assessed the number of cigarettes, when, where and how eager you are, then you can start the smoking challenge: totally eliminate consumption!

Always remember that if you completely quit from the first moment, it is much better than trying to quit slowly because although there are many who succeed xymogen, it is shown to be much more difficult to achieve, look xymogen.

1. Do not be tempted. The important thing is to postpone this desire that is very short (a few seconds) but hardly realize, those seconds are overcome anxiety by smoking and totally forgot the urge to smoke.

2. Underestimating your efforts. Think you can do it! Since you've already postponed on other occasions, which lasts very little. You will quickly forget the pressing urge to smoke. If you are able to overcome and delay that first need to smoke, you will see that each time will be much easier, more distant and almost without realizing it acquired the habit is gone.

3. Not sharing. The first day you do not smoke will be a very important day for you, enjoy it and share it with loved ones. It will also help. Any resources you use will be of great help! Feel free to use anything you find useful!

4. Discarding previous options. If any strategy you have proved to be useful once, repeat it! By repeating the habit is acquired both good and bad. Do not forget, repeat and repeat something that has worked it is the best guarantee of success.

5. Do not be afraid of commitment. As stated, it is very important to communicate the decision you have made to the people around you that may help you: your family, your friends, your coworkers, etc. You should not be worried because this will help you maintain your strength. You are about to make a serious and definite attempt to leave cigarrettes behind.

The above will help you keep your goal and that will also bring you more willingness to continue the idea of wanting to quit. Nothing happens if you do not fulfill your commitment, the important thing is to try as many times as necessary to complete to get it! Noncompliance is not like a failure, look at it like a mistake and try to learn from it.

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