Ebola: Be informed. Be alert

posted 26.10.2016 by Kate Burgess

The increasing number of patients affected with Ebola and with the disease spreading from Western Africa definitely put everyone on panic. A lot of people are going on panic buying mode and some even locked themselves up for the fear of getting he virus. But what can you do when this deadly disease is all around the media and the Internet?


But before completely going berserk over the disease, it is essential to know more and be informed about the disease. In fact, according to the UNISEF or the United Nation’s Children’s Fund Ebola virus is not a death sentence. It can, however be treated when diagnosed early. And the good news is major health organizations especially the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Red Cross are all working hand in hand to stop the epidemic

What is Ebola Virus?

The Ebola Virus disease was known as the Ebola Hemorrhagic fever. It is more deadly than the other types of hemorrhagic fever because of the virus causing it called the Ebola. The virus comes from the Filoviridae family and can be transmitted via contact and droplet transmission. This means that you can get infected when the body fluids like saliva, sputum, vomit, breast milk, semen, feces of an infected person enters to your body.

5 Mistakes your are Doing When you are Trying to Quit Smoking

posted 02.03.2016 by Kate Burgess

Addressing the first days without smoking can be hard. Yet, once you've assessed the number of cigarettes, when, where and how eager you are, then you can start the smoking challenge: totally eliminate consumption!

Always remember that if you completely quit from the first moment, it is much better than trying to quit slowly because although there are many who succeed xymogen, it is shown to be much more difficult to achieve, look xymogen.

1. Do not be tempted. The important thing is to postpone this desire that is very short (a few seconds) but hardly realize, those seconds are overcome anxiety by smoking and totally forgot the urge to smoke.

2. Underestimating your efforts. Think you can do it! Since you've already postponed on other occasions, which lasts very little. You will quickly forget the pressing urge to smoke. If you are able to overcome and delay that first need to smoke, you will see that each time will be much easier, more distant and almost without realizing it acquired the habit is gone.

Child Fever

posted 05.05.2015 by Kate Burgess

What is the Rush?

The normal body temperature varies somewhat from person to person. Also throughout the day so that the end of the evening is higher. As a general rule it is considered that a child has a fever when the temperature is above 37.5 ° C when taken in the armpit or 38 ° C if done in the right

Why did it Happen?

Fever is not a disease. It is a normal reaction of the body, usually caused by a virus infection without nauzene and, less often, by bacteria, more nauzene. Actually, it is a way to combat the infection and activate the body's defenses.

How do I Know if my Child has a Fever?

First, for high temperature sensation to touch the child. Other signs that can help detect fever are redness of the cheeks, a twinkle in his eyes, an unusual inactivity, feeling cold and chills, tachycardia and increased respiratory rate and even the exaggerated decline in testes within the scrotum in males

How is it Treated?

The most important thing is no fever but the general ("Pt") of the child. If he plays and is happy is a sign that he's fine, but a fever, and should not worry too much, and need no treatment.

He is Superman

posted 29.08.2015 by Kate Burgess

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6

I've read and reread this scripture verse over and over and I still have difficulties with it. I struggle, zipfizz I start to back away, I want to give up, look zipfizz. It's the truth, it may not be perfect, but it's the truth. How hard is it to not worry? Given Jesus has given me a lot more peace about my heart and for that I am so thankful, but I have realized after reading this scripture, that I haven't let that peace spread throughout other areas of my life. I use to be SO worried about my heart. Like unbelievably so. It got to a point in high school where I was so worried about it that I pretended I didn't have anything wrong with me. Little did I know, that just made me worry ten times MORE. Once I found Jesus and surrendered to Him, my worries about my heart melted away.

Now yes, living with an incurable heart disease that makes my heart too big and my muscles too weak is hard to live with, but it's a heck of a lot easier with Jesus by my side. I guess I just took the biggest issue I had and set all my patience and trust in it. I am so thankful that I don't worry anymore.And yes in all honesty I mean that. Who knows what is going to happen to me, but I don't mind not knowing. Not because I am perfect and fearless and superwoman, no it is because my God is perfect and fearless and He is superman. My heart physically and spiritually has been completely consumed in His heart.

So yes, I could consider myself a patient person but probably only a 1/4 patient person. The rest of the 3/4 of my life matters just as much. My future, when I will get married, where we will live, if we will have kids, what I'm going to do, can we do it, when can we. It's those parts of my life that I haven't completely trusted to God. I haven't given Him my trust like I gave Him my heart. It's funny because it seems like if I were normal, it'd be a heck of a lot harder to be worry free from a disease thats incurable and deadly. No it is so much harder for me to just live and let Jesus show me when things will happen. It's a heck of a lot harder working everyday trying to save save even though my heart doesn't feel good. It's a lot harder to not worry about the future and when and where we will get married and where we will live and if we will be able to afford what we want. It's hard to not think of the numbers all the time and the timing of things, and if I'm working enough or doing enough or being enough. It's exhausting trying to be superwoman. I don't think God created me to do that, but yet I do it anyway. I try so hard to do what I can so that my "future" will be comfortable and wonderful, but really ultimately I am not in control of that. It's easy to say I'm not worried, but it's harder to mean it. I guess that's what I need to work on.